PCI Wood Mackenzie specialises in strategic market analysis of global PET resin and recycled PET markets

Our client base extends throughout the entire PET / RPET chain; raw material and PET resin producers, PET converters, technology suppliers, bottle and preform converters, PET packaging end users, traders, reclaimers, financial institutions, government organisations and industry associations.

Our aim is always to provide rigorous, accurate, comprehensive and impartial analysis enabling our clients to make sound business decisions.

The bedrock of our work is the experience, skill and expertise of our Researchers, all of whom have considerable direct knowledge of the PET industry based on working in senior positions within the industry.

PET markets are global, therefore we track developments worldwide, partly by an ongoing programme of regional visits to clients but also from our network of associates located in the key markets around the world.

Our clients can access a range of services including regular market reports, databases and special reports. We also undertake customised and confidential reports for individual clients.

Explore our research and data at our new website: www.pciwoodmac.com

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